What is a Hypospermia?

What is a Hypospermia?

Hypospermia denotes the condition in which a male has an abnormally low volume of semen ejaculation. This volume is less than 1.5 ml. The normal ejaculation volume of a man who is properly aroused and not exhausted from prior sex is about 1.5 ml to 6 ml. Out of this, about 1% of the volume is sperm cells.

Hypospermia is not the same as oligospermia, which is the condition in which semen that has a very low sperm count. But when this condition is combined with the condition of oligospermia,it can become a serious factor for infertility in men.

Causes of Hypospermia

This condition can be caused due to a number of factors, as outlined below:

  • Pathological conditions:

    It can be caused by various pathological conditions, such as retrograde ejaculation, congenital absence of seminal vesicles and vas deferens, and blockage of the ejaculatory duct.

  • Period of abstinence:

    It can also be linked to the period of abstinence. If the volume of semen produced is examined after a very short duration of abstinence,such as just one day, it can reflect a very low amount of semen.

  • Deterioration or damage of the nerves:

    The damage of the sympathetic nerves can lead to a loss of nerves in the penis. This, in turn, can result in the condition of hypospermia.

  • Insufficient sex hormones:

    When an insufficient amount of the sex hormone testosterone is produced in the male body, it can lead to the condition where a very low amount of semen is ejaculated.

  • Bladder neck surgery:

    Patients suffering from urinating problems are performed bladder neck surgery, which can also result in the condition of low semen ejaculation.

Impact of Hypospermia on Male Fertility

When a low volume of semen is ejaculated, it involves a low volume of sperm as well. This minimizes the chances of the sperm cells reaching the egg and fertilising it. As such, it can lead to male infertility.

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